“Is Science Everything?” by Professor Yongyuth Yuthavong, Deputy Prime Minister Thailand, Nikkei Asia Prize, 2004. at the 9th Asian Science Camp 2015 , Thailand Science Park Convention Center, Pathumthani, Thailand. Tuesday 5th August 2015.

As science concerns all aspects of nature, the question comes up whether science is indeed everything. We note that three aspects concerning science, imagination, investigation and invention cover very large areas of human activities, not only concerning the physical world, but also the realms of the mind. The realm of science spans from subatomic structures to the universe. Yet, human engagement in areas like poetry, drama, literature and music, although interacting with science, occupies separate domains from science, not to mention other human activities including living and earning a living. Science is therefore not everything, but – for us here – very many things important, although we should not forget other things so as to make our lives complete.


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